Jacqueline Genel-Roualdes

Jacqueline Genel-Roualdes is an inspired artist! 

It is no accident or surprise that Jacqueline is a designer. Most people search for a vocational path and some, like Jacqueline are simply born with a clear passion for creation. She's been designing beautiful and livable spaces for years. She believes that a room should be "layered and beautiful", an assortment of elements that coexist in perfect harmony. Her designs marry her clients personal taste to her clear design aesthetic.

Being the daughter of a Naval Officer exposed Jacqueline to a number of different places and cultures growing up. All of which influenced her design aesthetic and unique fingerprint. Once back in the US and armed with an Interior design degree she got busy designing and perfecting her craft.   

She's is now the principal designer at Settings Interiors in San Diego County where she oversees design projects from start to finish. She is a true visionary and always creates a warm and approachable space.